Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor day fun!

Shortly after getting back from Jamaica, we went to visit my parents in Ohio for Labor day weekend. My sister, Sarah, and brother in law, Andy, were in town as well for my sister's 10th highschool reunion. It was wonderful to just have some family fun time and to get to be in my childhood home again. We spent time at the mall, at a park, church, and eating at our favorite Italian restaurant, Bravos! Jason and I were also successfully able to beat the rest of the family at Trivial Pursuit, thanks to my husband's brilliance and to my knowledge of Grumpy Bear's (from the Care Bears) raincloud "tattoo." Jason and I also went to the Ohio Renaissance festival in Harveysburg. I know a lot of people think Renaissance festivals are corny and wierd, but this one is actually really well done. All of the buildings are permanent structures, built specifically for the festival and stay there year-round. I love the crafts and other items for sale there (including jewelry, swords, tapestries, mugs etc...). They are totally unique and many of them are handmade. I just like the idea of having something that is handcrafted and is something that is not mainstream...that you couldn't just run up to Target and pick it up. It is also a great people-watching place! I'm pretty sure it's the one time of year when people stop playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement and come out into the light of day! We also watched a jousting tournament and ate mutton, a "turkey leg." Very Renaissance of us haha.

Another great part of the weekend was the news that I am going to be an Aunt (again!). Sarah and Andy are expecting their first baby in March! I'm excited about baby showers and a trip to Boston in the Spring to meet the new little guy or gal. I think it's going to be a girl, but my sister thinks it's a boy! I guess we'll see! :) Congrats again you two!


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