Monday, September 13, 2010


We recently went on vacation to Negril, Jamaica (near Montego Bay) and had a blast! We stayed at an all inclusive resort called Couples which was worth every penny! Our room had a very authentic, "island-y" type of vibe with wooden shutters all around the room instead of windows, a Jamaican wood ceiling which came to a point and white linens on the bed. Outside, we had a huge balconey which had a built in couch with a coffee table on one side and a hammock on the other side. We were on the 2nd floor, so we looked right out into magestic palm trees! We spent our days eating rum cake, laying on the beach and floating in the crystal blue waters on rafts. Are you jealous yet? hehe :).

Jamaica was much different from our honeymoon destination of the Bahamas. It is much more lush, tropical and rainforest-y. The colors of the flowers there are so vibrant and bold. Our drive from the airport to the resort took almost 2 hours and during this time, we were blessed to see much of the countryside and the "real" Jamaica...the towns and people. It was amazing and beautiful to see the lush mountains sloping gently down into bays of softly waving water. I was saddened to see however, the absolute poverty of the Jamaican people. Many of them live simply in shacks. I'm glad though, that tourism is able to help lift them out of some of this poverty.

Overall, an amazing trip...I definitely miss it and hope to one day return! Check back for some photos soon!


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