Monday, October 4, 2010

Through the Rocky Mountains

Recently we went to the "colorful" (as they call themselves) state of Colorado for one of my husband's medical conferences. It was colorful and beautiful!! We decided to make our sojourn into a roadtrip so we had a lonnnng haul across Kansas. I never thought Kansas was going to end!! I loved it though...roadtrips are so fun! Kansas was field after field of wheat and huge windmills...truly the land of "amber waves of grain." I drove across the state line into Colorado as my hubby napped and I felt truly awed and blessed to be getting to see more of this beautiful country. At one point, we passed a field where cattle was grazing on a hillside by a sparkling pond. The scene took my breath away with its peacefulness and simplicity.

I kept waiting for the Rockies to appear, and finally, as we drove into Denver, they finally arose out of nowhere. They were so majestic and green. Breathing in the fresh mountain air was wonderful! We had the opportunity to visit a ski town called Breckenridge while we were there, which is about an hour and a half away from Denver. We took the most scenic drive through the mountains to get there. Not any ski activity going on yet, but we strolled through the center of town, which is literally the cutest, most quaint small town I have ever seen. Little art glass shops mixed with western shops mixed with cheese, chocolate and wine shops dotted the whole area. All of this nestled in the Rocky Mountains. An absolutely wonderful and glorious day!

I love Colorado!!


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